DME Billing

Patient Eligibility

Establishing patient eligibility for treatment is critical to the success of any practice. We take the weight of this responsibility off of your staff and quickly return the information you need to harmonize treatment plans within your practice.

Prior Authorizations

Prior authorizations allow our clients to gain approval from insurance plans to render treatment. Without a prior authorization there is no guarantee that payment will ever reach your office.

DME Claims Management

Our staff works hard to ensure prompt follow-up on eligibility, prior authorizations, documentation requests and collection, to empower your staff to work with your patients to optimize care and treatment. This creates a seamless patient experience without the stress.‚Äč


When providers encounter obstacles in the claims process our staff goes to work. We help your office understand GAP Coverage, Single Case Agreements, Peer-to-Peer Reviews, and Denials. We know how to maximize payments for every client and our expert staff makes sure you don't settle for less than you deserve.


Proper patient documentation is key to the success of any DME Claim. Payors require that patients, providers, and claims processors meet certain criteria before DME Claims can be paid.

Claims Support

When you, your staff, or your patients need information about claims - we are here for you. Not only do we provide you with consistent reporting, but we are also just a phone call away when you need answers now.

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